Let’s Uncomplicate Learning.

Our Mission

We’re Begin, the early learning leader for kids 2-10. Our mission is to give every child the best start to achieving their fullest potential. We believe early learning is the key to unlocking growth at every stage of life. Because how we begin can impact how far we can go.

Our Award-Winning Products

Play is the universal language of learning. Made to engage growing minds and build the skills that matter most, our hands-on and digital products include activity kits from Little Passports, learning apps from HOMER, codeSpark, and Learn with Sesame Street, and one-on-one instruction from KidPass Tutors.

Our Research-Backed Approach

The noise around learning is relentless. Our experts have simplified the research to guide you to what matters most. The Begin Approach redefines learning through the essential skill areas for school and life success. We call these the 5 C’s—Core Skills, Creativity, Critical Thinking, Curiosity, and Character—all equally vital to kids’ growth.

The Future of Learning Is Now

We help kids thrive in an ever-changing world, so they can be well-prepared for tomorrow, beginning today. From AI to jobs that don’t yet exist, change is both inevitable and constant. We help power up potential during childhood to set kids up for future success. To shape a generation of empathetic humans who can find creative solutions to complex problems. To inspire confident thinkers who ask the right questions and challenge the status quo.

The Begin Approach for All

We believe every child deserves the best path forward, so we’ve made the Begin Approach easy, doable, and accessible for all. With free expert advice and resources, we empower families, educators, caregivers—everyone, everywhere—to build the 5 C’s in everyday life.

Our Partners

We partner with some of the most recognized names in early childhood development, including LEGO Ventures, Sesame Workshop, and Gymboree Play & Music.