Help Kids Grow to Be Confident, Curious, and Kind

Social-emotional learning for ages 2–5

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One Program for the Whole Family

What’s Included

Sesame characters and children learning
For kids
For everyone

New! Three exclusive activity kits

Hands-on learning to play their way with Sesame Street friends
  • Kit 1: Feelings at the Fair

  • Kit 2: All Aboard! Managing Big Feelings

  • Kit 3: Friends Celebrate Kindness

Abby and Elmo
For kids

Learn with Sesame Street by Begin

App from Sesame Workshop and Begin
  • 17 games and stories, plus original songs

  • Includes 18 videos from Sesame Workshop

  • Helps build foundational, social, and emotional skills

  • KidSAFE + COPPA Certified

For kids
For grown-ups
For everyone

Expert-designed classes

Explore feelings with Elmo and friends
  • 12 original classes featuring Carly and Elmo

  • Learn how to name, understand, and work through big feelings

  • Ad-free and replayable

  • Watch together in the app

For grown-ups
For everyone

Grown-Up Guide by Begin

Online resources just for parents and caregivers
  • Practical support, play tips, and ideas

  • Web classes from our learning experts

  • Questions to spark family conversations

  • Videos to watch together

  • Printables to facilitate learning offline


Your one-time purchase of $129 unlocks:

3 Learn with Sesame Street by Begin activity kits

Learn with Sesame Street by Begin app

Exclusive classes + content featuring Elmo and friends

Grown-Up Guide by Begin (because parents love learning too!)

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Collection of learning tools included in Sesame plan

Explore Feelings Together

Learn about empathy, kindness, friendship, and more with the help of your favorite Sesame Street friends!

Theme: All About Feelings

Identifying emotions is a big part of learning how to work through them. Help kids gain the confidence to name, understand, and share how they feel.
Sesame characters and children learning
Sesame characters and children learning

Theme: Working Through Big Feelings

Everyone has big feelings sometimes. Even grown-ups and Elmo! Learn how to help kids build a strong emotional toolbox to work through them.

Theme: Being a Kind Friend

Compassion, connection, and empathy are unique to the human experience. Help kids interact with others in healthy and meaningful ways.
Sesame characters and children learning
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Why Social-Emotional Learning Matters

Sesame characters and children learning

It's Where Compassion Begins

Teaching kids to identify, express, and respond to emotions early builds empathy and kindness while helping them develop confidence and self-worth.

Instills a Solid Foundation

Giving kids the building blocks for life skills like resilience, impulse control, flexible thinking, and confidence lays a foundation for academic and personal growth.

Builds Essential Skills for Life

Kids can return to these valuable tools as they face different challenges throughout childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.
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Powered by The Begin Approach

Helping kids develop:

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Core Skills
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Critical Thinking
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Begin's learning framework meets Sesame Workshop's tried-and-true approach in this social-emotional learning program featuring beloved Sesame Street friends. Learn with Sesame Street helps kids navigate feelings big and small, helping them become confident, curious, and kind through age-appropriate, play-based activities and classes in our safe, ad-free app.

The Learn with Sesame Street app is designed for ages 2-5, but older kids can enjoy the interactive stories, songs, videos, and activities as well. The program also includes classes for kids, parents, and caregivers, so it's really for everyone!

Our app unlocks an entire neighborhood of social-emotional learning in the form of fun stories, songs, and games, plus a library of original kids' classes and curated videos from Sesame Street. You'll also have access to our exclusive Grown-Up Guide by Begin, featuring practical support and classes for parents and caregivers, printables, expert articles, and more.

Learn with Sesame Street helps kids practice strategies to navigate everyday challenges, including:

• Trying new foods
• Working through daily routines
• Naming and understanding emotions
• Navigating social situations
• Showing kindness and empathy

Your child will also have the opportunity to practice academic skills like counting, sorting, colors, shapes, and more, all with the help of their favorite Sesame Street friends!

Learn with Sesame Street classes can be watched anytime! You can find our Kid Classes in the Library within the Learn with Sesame Street app. Grown-Up Classes by Begin are web-based and can be accessed at Once logged in to your account, go to My Begin and then select Sesame Street Grown-Up Guide by Begin. Happy learning!

Learn with Sesame Street is currently supported on iOS and Android devices; you can find the requirements below.

iOS: supported on devices with iOS 12.0 or later
Android: supported on devices with OS 5.1

If you have any questions regarding your device's compatibility with Learn with Sesame Street, please click here to submit a request to our Member Experience Team. We are here to help!

Of course, we're happy to help!

First, we're sorry to hear that you're having a technical issue. We find that these can often be resolved by deleting and reinstalling the app. Please delete Learn with Sesame Street from your device entirely. Then, download Learn with Sesame Street again and log back in. Does this resolve your issue?

If not, please click here to submit a request to our Member Experience Team. Be sure to include the following information:

1. The email address you use for Learn with Sesame Street.
2. The device you are using to access Learn with Sesame Street.
3. If possible, a screenshot or video of the issue you are encountering.

Our team will look into it and reach back out to you right away!

We hope you'll love Learn with Sesame Street as much as we do, but we understand that learning is not one-size-fits-all, so we offer a 30-day money back guarantee. If for some reason you find that the Learn with Sesame Street program is not right for your family, you may cancel for a full refund within 30 days of purchase by reaching out to

Begin is the early learning leader for kids 2-10. Through hands-on and digital play, we build the skills that matter most to unlock kids' fullest potential in school and life. Our family of play-based learning products includes Learn with Sesame Street, Little Passports, HOMER, codeSpark, and KidPass Tutors.

Sesame Workshop is the global impact nonprofit behind Sesame Street with a mission to help children everywhere grow smarter, stronger, and kinder. As a child's trusted friend and a caregiver's valued partner, we enrich minds and expand hearts in more than 150 countries around the world through our joyful experiences, iconic shows, community outreach, and more — all with help from the beloved characters you know and love.