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Create Fun with Mini Number Pizzas Printable!

by | Jun 27, 2022 | Core Skills

Get ready to put your math skills (and your appetite) to the test with this
fun-filled mini pizza-making printable!


Setup Time: Under 5 min 

Activity Time: 20-30 min 

What You’ll Need: 

Play Tips:

  • Choose a number or have a grown-up choose a number for you
    (you can do this by rolling a die or with flashcards!)
  • Write each number on the dotted line
  • Draw the corresponding number of toppings on each pizza (or use pieces of cereal for added fun!) 
  • Cut out your pizzas and serve them!

Keep playing and learning about numbers and counting with your favorite characters in our game, Taco Turtle’s Pizzeria on the HOMER app!


Dr. Jody Sherman LeVos
Dr. Jody Sherman LeVos

Chief Learning Officer at Begin

Jody has a Ph.D. in Developmental Science and more than a decade of experience in the children’s media and early learning space.