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Fossil Finder Printable: Roll a Dino!

by | Jul 18, 2022 | Core Skills

Help Tisa build cool dinosaurs for the Dinosaur Museum! ?


What You’ll Need:

Set-Up Time: Under 5 min 

Activity Time: 20-30 min 

Mess Level: Low

Play Tips

  • Grown-ups, encourage your child to identify the number each time they roll! That builds a skill called subitizing, or identifying a small number of objects without counting. 
  • To modify this game, have children pick their own selection from each column or free-draw their very own dinosaur creation. 
  • To challenge your little learner, try some addition while you roll and draw! What’s the sum of the number you roll for your body and tail? Head and eyes? 

Skill Spotlight:

  • Counting
  • Matching Numbers
  • Subitizing
  • Combining Shapes

Keep colossal fun going with these games in the HOMER app! For more math practice, check out Guess My Number and Sumville Studios. For more dinosaur action, see the Stories Section filled with “tails” like Dinostories, Robot and the Dinosaur Egg, My Terrific Dinosaur, and Elmo’s Dinosaur Song.


Dr. Jody Sherman LeVos
Dr. Jody Sherman LeVos

Chief Learning Officer at Begin

Jody has a Ph.D. in Developmental Science and more than a decade of experience in the children’s media and early learning space.