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3 Fun Ways to Boost Learning During Laundry Time with Kids

by | Apr 9, 2020 | Critical Thinking

Easy ways to include your kids in your day-to-day life and bake in early learning skills.

Three Ways to Play:

  1. Ask your child to sort the clean laundry into piles. They can sort by type of item (socks vs. pants) or see if they can sort by family member.
  2. As laundry is sorted (folded or unfolded) have your child count how many items are in the pile. You can also ask them to make a pile of 1, 2, 3, 4, and more.
  3. Laundry can also be a time to play pretend. Try pretending you’re delivering packages or favorite foods as the laundry gets put away. For kids that can put away their own laundry, this is a great way to make this chore into a game.


Dr. Jody Sherman LeVos
Dr. Jody Sherman LeVos

Chief Learning Officer at Begin

Jody has a Ph.D. in Developmental Science and more than a decade of experience in the children’s media and early learning space.