Your Holiday (Learning)
Survival Guide

With free resources & expert-designed products, Begin makes it easy to infuse learning into your daily routine 

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15-Minute Learning Inspiration

From printables to activities, here are more ways you can support the skills that matter most for kids’ growth.

15-Minute Activities for Core Skills

Strengthen academic foundations like reading, writing, and math

15-Minute Activities for Creativity

Tap into the magic of problem-solving, self-expression, and imagination

15-Minute Activities for Critical Thinking

Build the building blocks for logic, reasoning, and executive functioning skills

15-Minute Activities for Curiosity

Explore the strong and natural motivation to make the unknown known

15-Minute Activities for Character

Nurture social-emotional skills like confidence, collaboration, and empathy

Mini Masterclasses

From math in the kitchen to planets in the yard, our friends and experts share their favorite ways to learn in 15 minutes or less. 

Your Guide to Smarter Gifts